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The Oceania Youth Project
A Unique Learning and Living Experience

What is The Oceania Youth Project?

The Oceania Youth Project provides an opportunity for young adults to join a vessel based Whale Research Expedition, work with a team of Marine Mammal Research Scientist's.

Participation in the Youth Internship Program provides an opportunity to learn about Whales, Dolphins and the Ocean Environment by participating in a unique, hands-on living and learning experience.

Participants in The Oceania Youth Internship Project live and work for 5 nights/6 days aboard The Oceania Project's Annual Whale Research Expedition in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.

Hands reaching out to whale reaching up.
waterThe Young Adults are involved in a supportive team environment, conducive to learning and developing a range of valuable life-furthering skills. These include being part of a Whale and Dolphin Research Team, assisting with daily research activities and undertaking tasks involved in operation of the Expedition vessel.

The dynamic learning process involved and the personal challenges faced and experienced, will inspire self-confidence and self-worth in the individual.


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