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The Oceania Youth Project
A Unique Learning and Living Experience

Will participation in the Expedition
help with my Studies?

Teacher Peter Langley watches water sampling

As a participant in The Oceania Youth Project you will be working on a formal program of Cetacean research under the supervision of professional field researchers, educators and scientists.

You will be trained in marine mammal observation and data collection techniques and the use and care of field data collection and sampling equipment.

During the week aboard the expedition vessel you will be exposed to an in-depth education and interpretative program on Cetacea and have access to reference and research material to pursue any particular interest you may have or project you are undertaking.
Teachers may be able to organise your participation in the Expedition so that the work and experience obtained during the Expedition will count towards your school or college work and/or year end results.

You should discuss this with your Teacher. The Oceania Project will be happy to discuss individual requirements or arrangements directly with teachers.


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