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The Oceania Youth Project
A Unique Learning and Living Experience

Who is Eligible to Participate?

The Oceania Youth Project is open to any Young Adult 14 to 18 years of age. You can participate in The Oceania Youth Project as an individual or as part of an organised Youth Group. Groups are usually organised by parents, school teachers, school counsellors, or members of community organisations such as Apex and Rotary.

Individuals Young Adults have participated from around Australia and from Overseas, including Students from the United States of America, Japan, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and New Zealand.
Girl with Binoculars For an example of a High School Group organised by Science Teacher Peter Langley, see:
Kingscliff High School
Participating organisations and schools include: Hervey Bay Senior College supported by Apex Hervey Bay; Hervey Bay High School; Kingscliff High School; Maryborough High School; Eidsvold High School; Biggenden High School; Bunderberg High School; The Southport School; Byron Bay High School; Murwillumbah High, Mullumbimby High School and Knox High School.
olive For an example of a Youth Group organised by a volunteer community organisation in Byron Bay, see:
The Oceania Youth Project welcomes the involvement of all community organisations who support Young Adults and Youth Programs.

To encourage the participation of Young Adults in the Annual Whale Research Expedition, The Oceania Project part-sponsors the cost, of Young Adults and accompanying Adult Group Leaders and Co-ordinators, joining the Expedition.

See the Expedition Joining Information for details of costs and how to join the Expedition as a participant in The Oceania Youth Internship Project.


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